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Spiritual growth is the key to freedom, learning to live without friction, in harmony with

An Invitation

If you are reading this, your intuition has led you here. You are on the path of awakening, healing and self mastery. This is an invitation to enter the Wild Child Portal and co-create an experience for you and your soul family. We are Wild Child Village, a collective of artists, musicians, yogis, teachers, energy workers and space holders who are focused on sharing our gifts and creating life changing experiences. Our sacred space is nestled in the hills above the magical little town of Ayampe, Ecuador, where the jungle meets the sea.  


We have created a safe place for people to re-wild their inner child, to share their magic, to escape, to heal, to integrate, to find themselves within these challenging times and in this period of incubation. We believe everyone is ready to escape their boxes, run free in nature and dive into the ocean of possibilities. Our space alone re-wilds your soul, expands your heart, recalibrates your energy, and brings you back to your natural state of being connected with Pachamama.

We offer unique dwellings to break you out of  society’s boxes and immerse yourself in nature with all the creature comforts. We feed your soul with vibrant nourishing rainbow foods with the belief of Food as Medicine. And our space holders create an inviting vibe to open yourself to your divine flow and just be your authentic self. 


We offer Kundalini, Hatha, Tantric, and Vinyasa yoga, an array of dance including African, Ecstatic and Bio dance, sound healing, telas, sweat lodge, quantum meditations and many more healing modalities.  


Our goal is to support you on your spiritual path by teaching you the keys to integration and tuning the mind, body and soul to its highest vibration. We are excited to teach, be taught and  open the doorways to spirit and the infinite.


We invite you to have the will to choose yourself, in every move, in every breath. We invite you to create your own path and get to know yourself better through healthy experiences. Also, we invite you to meet our family, view our sacred space, our offerings and let us know if you have any questions or curiosities. We are excited to continue the conversation and see what kind of magic you’d like to bring to Wild Child Village.  


Our bamboo structure is an award-winning design and the only one on the planet! We are nestled in the sweet jungle overlooking the ocean and the quaint little town of Ayampe. Our Bamboo Structure is made up of two triple suites, three single suites and an epic Yoga Nest with ocean views! We have two community jungle showers with eco toilets. There is plenty of jungle to explore and garden space to lay down a mat and enjoy a meditation. 

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